Black + White Striped Area Rug

Every time I look at our living room, I think, this space needs a focal point, a pop of color or pattern.  Our sofas are a taupe color, our coffee table has a large glass top, the wall unit is black, and the decor is all in neutral.  Cue chicken sound, “bock bock bock booock”.  Though I dress like a crazy person, I’ve been hesitant to add funkier elements to much of our home design.  Lame.  So I thought a moderately neutral area rug might be a good start.  I’ve been eye-ing all of these great black and white striped and graphic rugs, and though I recognize that black and white isn’t exactly a far step from the neutrals I already decorate with, but hey, stripes are progress.  Plus, the bold black and white striped carpet is a great focal point for any neutral (or not so neutral) room.

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    • Lexi

      Ditto! That whole room is perfect!

  1. Emily

    OMG I am in love. I’ve been wanting a rug like this for MONTHS!

    • Lexi

      Ahh ditto! Love the bold look of stripes!

  2. I’ve wanted a black and white striped rug for quite some time, but our pups has white fluffy hair that I’m sure it would attract like a magnet! I have a gray and white striped rug in the nursery, so hopefully that will quench my craving for a while :).

    • Lexi

      Oh grey and white is so smart too! I have a pup too, but luckily she doesn’t shed all that much.

  3. Basically I’m a sucker for all things stripes. Shirt? check. Dress? check. Rug? check.

    • Lexi

      Oh tell me about it! So preppy and chic!

  4. It makes any space look more interesting! I just got my own striped runner.

    • Lexi

      I already own too many table runners — love them!

  5. sahra

    totalllly loving these rugs! you can play them up in so many different fashions! <3

    XO Sahra

  6. I always love black and white it adds such a visual pop no matter what the style!

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  8. Sue J Acocks

    Where can I get the black and white alternating stripe rug?

    • Lexi

      You may want to try Ikea or West Elm. Hope that helps! 🙂

  9. Heidi Drussel

    Hey…Do you know where the black and white striped rug in the first picture came from? I am truly in love with this idea! Thanks for sharing!

    • Lexi

      Thank you so much – glad you like! I don’t know exactly where it came from, though I offer a bunch of suggestions in the post. Hope that helps! 🙂

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