Summer Streaking

Nooo, not that kind of streaking. Color streaking, your hair. And after seeing these images of updos and braids with a peak of bright color hidden within a great hairstyle, I really really want one.

But, I’m a lawyer, part of the time, and I’m not sure a judge/clients/lawyers would “get” the whole purple hair streak thing, but, I’m wondering if I could either (a) tuck the colorful piece into an updo, or (b) go clip-on. For now, I’ll probably stick to faux colored extensions, but someday, probably when I’m eighty and crazy, I’m going neon streak crazy. Are you a fan or the streak trend? Would you try a funky streak just for Summer?

Be sure to check out my earlier post on tie-dyed or dip-dyed hair tips and how to achieve the look!

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  1. briar

    same deal here- lawyer by day, but I streaked hot pink a few years ago: if you pick a section just above your ear and about an inch in, it’s really easy to to pin it out of sight and let it peek out whenever you want =)

  2. You should try the Kevin Murphy colour bugs! They’re like a hair chalk that you apply to your hair to add colour. They have orange, pink and purple and are coming out with (or they may already be out by now) more colours for summer!

    • Lexi

      Awesome – thanks!

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