Friday Link Love

It’s official.  I need a break.  So this Saturday, the hubby and I are throwing on flip-flops and about a pound of sunscreen and heading for the beach (or so the plan goes … fingers crossed.)  We’re currently “saving” so it’s a day-date rather than an overnight, but I’ll take it.  Do you ever just need a day of nothing?  Sometimes when I am utterly stressed, the hot sun, a greasy lunch, a big iced tea, and shops full of kitsch are just what I need.  How do you unwind and bring yourself back to zen?

I’m also in love with …

These DIY day-glo nails via Refinery 29.

This amaze-balls vintage-esque Free People dress.

I want to try this Tangled Thai Salad. Yum!

These free printables are so lovely I could burst!  I really must scrapbook our wedding (errr, we’re coming up on our 2-year anniversary.)

This awesome-tastic song by The Lumineers.

I’m making up adjectives today.  I need a vacation.  Bad.

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  2. A day at the beach sounds like heaven to me! It’d be a little long for us to go on a day trip, so our way to unwind usually involves the farmer’s market, a cookout in the backyard, & sometimes crashing a friend’s pool 🙂 Enjoy the beach!

    • Lexi

      We have a really cute farmer’s market by us as well! I love weekends!

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