DIY Numero Clock

After featuring Maria’s dreamy white home, I couldn’t get the image of her amazing clock out of my head.  Meet the Roost Numero Clock. I’m guessing you’ve never wanted a clock more in your life?  Trust me, I get it.

Sadly, it seems most of these funky clocks are a tad on the pricey side, but leave it to creative bloggers to come up with a solution.  Faded Plains put together a fantastic DIY clock project using silver metallic spray paint, wood numbers in 2 different fonts and sizes, clock mechanism and hands — all of which can be purchased at a local hardware or craft store.  And the DIY is one seriously good look-a-like to the real deal.

If adding yet another DIY project to your growing list seems daunting, take a look at these great number clocks, equally awesome and varying in price.

Roost Numero Clock

Pop Deluxe Numero Clock

Bed Bath & Beyond Resin Numbers Wall Clock

Wall Clock via Etsy



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