Breakfast in Bed

There are a million places I’d love to be, to see, to travel to.  But at the end of the day, and the better part of my weekend mornings, there’s no place I’d rather be than lazy in bed.  I love my bedroom, my over-sized bed, the enormous Anthropologie duvet set I spent months picking out, a big cup of coffee, my fuzzy Ugg slippers.  Now if only I could convince my husband to bring me breakfast in bed …

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  1. sahra

    My parents’ house has a number of trays, but I’m definitely in need of the perfect Breakfast in Bed tray for my own home, and this inspirational post has me hungry for some brunch!

    XO Sahra

    • Lexi

      I’ve actually been meaning to DIY my own gold chevron tray! Let me know if you find a pretty one!

  2. Mani

    All these set ups are so cute! Too bad no one would make me breakfast in bed except myself, which kind of defeats the whole purpose…

  3. Oh these are perfect! There are not many things more one can ask for when waking up on a weekend day…
    My Own Project

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