Skin, Meet Proactiv®

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I have good skin.  I got lucky in the skin genetics lottery, and I rarely had a zit throughout puberty (or what little puberty I had … still waiting on my tata’s to grow … grow, dammit.)  Before throwing tomatoes at me, there is a downside to having good skin in high school (I swear!)  When you hit your mid-to-errr-late twenties, and stress comes-a-knockin’, you have no freaking clue what to do with a pimple.  I am that clueless.  And stress causes break-outs (now I sound like a skincare commercial, which is not the worst thing.)

My crazy husband has been known to use toothpaste on an unfriendly visitor, and all I can think is, “that has got to be burning your skin.”  And it does.  I have crazy sensitive skin and blemish-reducing bottles with phrases like “tough on skin” terrify the living pants off of me.

Then Proactiv® sends me a great big box of their products, and even the cardboard Fedex box smells good from all of the “green tea,” which makes me think, “I can totally handle this.”  I’m taking baby steps.

So last week, i.e., girl hell week (ahem, you know exactly what I am talking about), my skin, my stress, it was one big pile of crazy.  I used the Proactiv® Solution Deep Cleansing Wash on my face, morning and night, for a week.  The stuff has a bit of exfoliating scrub in it and smells kind of like a facial.  It left my skin unbelievably clean, smooth, and not at all oily.  I spot-treated the “stress zones” with the Proactiv® Solution Advanced Blemish TreatmentI bow down.  The Advanced Blemish Treatment is my savior.  I wish it came in a bigger bottle; a much bigger bottle.  It smells sweet and fruity, it dries up every bump, blemish, and “am-I-getting-something-there?”  I can even wear the Advanced Blemish Treatment under my makeup, which is magical.  It has a permanent place on my counter-top.

I’ll keep you posted on the rest!

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