Picnics + Dining Al Fresco

Ever since traveling 1,000s of miles away to actually get a tan (note: we live in Miami), I realized the hubby and I could stand to, well, stand in the sunshine.  I go from home to car to work to car to home.  Not good.

So I’m going to be industrious, and force our butts outside – Martha Stewart style.  The plan: dining al fresco.  I love the idea of a picnic – they look so lovely in pictures; then again, I’m not exactly “one” with nature, I’m more “allergic” to nature.  So I’m thinking baby steps – -we have this great outdoor set-up on our little deck and we never ever use it.  Operation, dinner outside, in motion.

Do you do dinner outside?  Do you ever just plop down on the grass and enjoy the great outdoors?

I’ve got to get on this, or else we’ll wind up just purchasing one of these crazy picnic table contraptions via Architizer and calling it a success …

Images via: Classy in the City // Pinterest // Architizer



  1. I love picnics….never get to on enough of them.

  2. Lena

    I stay out of the sunshine most of the time (no amount of sunscreen can save me!) so we’ve done a lot of indoor picnics on the living room floor–best of both worlds!

    • Lexi

      Such a good idea! We did an indoor picnic for Valentine’s Day and it was perfect. I think we need a do-over soon!

  3. Rilli

    This is such an adorable idea! I hope you don’t mind if I steal it 🙂 I love the one for a romantic dinner date outside!

    • Lexi

      Go right ahead!

  4. Hindsight Groom and I are avid picnic-ers. We usually do wine, cheeses, crackers, olives, hummus, and dark chocolate. Add a blanket and a spectacular mountain view and: bliss!

    • Lexi

      I may just have to borrow your idea! Love the no-fuss picnic dinner! Though there aren’t many mountains here in Miami (or any at all.)

  5. sahra

    reasons I need a boyfriend: cute picnic dates. Maybe I’ll just take my cat on picnics for now instead…

    XO Sahra

    • Lexi

      I have been known to have a dinner date with my dog!

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