Home Tour: Maria of Dreamy Whites

Though it should come as no surprise, bloggers always have some of the most styled, elegant homes.  I on the other hand, spread my little creative outbursts across office/craft-room (that my husband put so much hard work into … and I now litter with ribbon, glitter, stamps, needles, office files, sandwich bags, my mind), kitchen counter, dining room table, coffee tables, nightstand, and bursting out of every drawer.

Back to the bloggers with the elegant homes …

stephmodo featured Maria’s home – the blogger behind Dreamy Whites – and it is just lovely.  Maria lives on a horse ranch in Northern California, where her husband is a professional trainer.  She’s transformed her home into a French-inspired farmhouse, all awash in soft whites.  I’m thinking of asking to move in.

For the full feature and all of the I-need-a-vacation-inducing pictures, visit stephmodo.



  1. Shermika

    All I can say is wow! What a beautiful home. Love the all white decor, although I know the pooch would dirty it up quickly 🙂

  2. Absolutely gorgeous- I wish my home looked like this! I’d never want to leave.

  3. Lena

    It was the hydrangea bushes that did me in!

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