The Ultimate Mani-Pedi Tutorial

For the next few months I’m going to talk about my budget-friendly “beauty cheats,” as I like to call them.  I love beauty.  I’m a product junkie.  I have creams cluttering my bedside table like they’re going out of style.  I buy nail polish with every grocery shop.  I LIVE for Chanel rouge.  But all of these splurges are just that – splurges.  Splurges I so cannot afford.  But there’s a bare confidence that comes from getting gussied up, from pampering away, and feeling beautiful.

So in keeping with a budget-friendly beauty spirit in the coming months, and without further ado, The Ultimate DIY At-Home Manicure + Pedicure (because I change my nail polish almost every other day and I’m not sure I’ll ever afford that many manicures):

  1. I like to set up everything I need first:  polish remover, nail file, nail clippers, cuticle stick, polish corrector, clear base + top coat, and color of choice (today’s pick: the perfect shade of nude.)
  2. I remove any previous polish, then cut and file all of my nails, fingers and toes, so that they look relatively even.  I also tend to keep my finger nails fairly short because I am forever typing/baking/chewing-on-my nails.
  3. After filing and buffing (optional) my nails, I like to run a scrub over my hands and feet to exfoliate and remove any excess nail/skin.
  4. Next up, I wash and dry my hands and feet really well, creating that clean surface to work on.
  5. Paint base coat, two coats of color polish, and top coat, then let dry completely (I stress this because I totally empathize with the need to do 42 other things, including text, laundry, a quick trip to the store, etc., etc.  Just chill.  You deserve it.  And your pretty polish job deserves it too.)

What are some of your at-home beauty routines?

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  1. This is exactly what I needed! Thanks so much for the tutorial. And I love the nude color of the nail polish too, very classy.

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