Sequin Duffle Weekender

Next Sunday, the hubby and I will board a plane for Israel (SO excited.)  For weeks now (months even) I’ve carefully planned what I would bring, what I would need, the outfits I’d wear, and so on.  Trouble is, I haven’t actually organized the things to bring, shopped for the items I want, laid out the picture-perfect outfits; instead, we’re a little over a week away from our 10-day jaunt and I have nada.

Perhaps most importantly, I’m nervous about the right-sized carryall.  I always bring a carry-on that tight-rope-walks the line of being “too big for the overhead compartment” and I usually have to make sad eyes at the flight attendants to allow me to “carry on” my body bag. But I can’t stand a small carry-on.  Truth be told, I don’t even carry all that much on, it’s all of the shopping and bringing-back that requires the extra baggage room.  #necessary

I’ve been in love with the Kate Spade Westward Runaway Duffle* for months now, but it is woefully out of my price range and sold out.  I spotted the Deux Lux sequin-dipped duffel a few months back as well, and I’m admittedly pretty smitten!

1.  Kate Spade Westward Runaway Duffle; marked down from $1,295 to $647

2.  Deux Lux Felix Weekender Duffle; $137 (Medium duffle here)

3.  Deux Lux Ipanema Canvas Large Sequin Duffle; $78 (Ipanema tote here)(Also, try the Key Largo Weekender, the striped Baha Weekender, or the Striped + Sequined Weekender)

I actually have this crazy idea that I could DIY a sparkly duffle with a bit of painter’s tape, lots of glue, a paint brush, and a whole lot of glitter.  Too risky?

Second Image here

*The word “duffle” is driving me crazy … is it “duffle” or “duffel”?  I googled and got both!  Even the brands seem to be having a spelling identity crisis.  Deux Lux on varying websites is sometimes “duffel” and sometimes “duffle.” #EnglishMajorProblems



  1. molliee

    I have the deux lux one in the middle! I love it so much, but my dog chewed the handles! I have to get it repaired!

    • Lexi

      I’m SO tempted to just bite the bullet and snatch one up! So pretty!

  2. Emily

    Ah so fun! I have such a thing for weekender bags and obviously such a thing for glitter. Might need one of these…

  3. If you had bare legs, would the glitter part give you a brush burn?

    Looks so not comfy to me

    I am a under-packer and an over-shopper. I mean, you will just want to wear the new stuff anyways…why haul stuff you neve end up wearing? And repeating the perfect outfit multiple times is no biggie!

  4. They’re so gorgeous! I especially love the middle one. I think the DIY idea is great. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work 🙂 Actually, I think I’m going to give it a try! Thanks so much for the inspiration 🙂

  5. Georgina

    I would LOVE one of these for my gym bag (I know) – they’re flawless.

    I’m Georgina and your newest follower – lovely content and blog design. Have a great weekend!


  6. bevy

    oooh, definitely liking duffel #2. it’s the perfect carry on bag or maybe even weekend travel bag.

  7. Lyndsy

    i love the deux lux weekender bag. i want one so bad!

  8. Apollina

    That large sequin duffle would be perfect for my destination wedding! Thanks for the lead:) Have a wonderful trip to Israel, how exciting!!

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