How To Get Perfectly Smooth Skin

I’d like to thank my Grandma on this one – she’s been lathering up her skin with every lotion, body wash, and serum for as long as I can remember, and her skin is like butter.  It’s also no secret that I am a total magpie to good beauty product.  I don’t discriminate – drugstore finds are just as fantastic as the department store splurges, and I pile all on my skin generously.

When my husband and I moved in together, I think the thing he was most shocked by was the incredible amount of product I bring with me (and the uncanny appearance of dinner on the table each night … you’re welcome, honey!)  I see, I buy.  Promises of smooth skin, clear skin, exfoliated skin, moisturized, younger-looking skin: I want it all.  In my twenties I know the anti-wrinkle potions might be a bit ahead of my time, but I like to be prepared.

Exhibit A: the shower ledge (just the shower ledge)

But amidst the chaos, I do have some tried and true secrets to perfectly smooth skin:

  1. Be kind to your skin and your body.  Ease up on caffeine when you can, sleep at least 7 hours (no excuses), get a little sun if you don’t get any (guilty) or ease up on the sun if you might be over-doing it, and drink so much water.
  2. Exfoliate.  I love a great body scrub – nothing too abrasive – a scrub will make your skin instantly smoother (best kept date night secret!)  I’m also completely enamored with exfoliating gloves.  A friend suggested these puppies for smoother wedding arms, and I’ve been devoted to the scrubby gloves ever since.  They carry them at Target or any drugstore.  Amazing and inexpensive.
  3. Keep your skin clean.  If your skin doesn’t get too dry, a good old-fashioned bar of soap is OK, but I love washes and bursts (they’re super moisturizing and they smell amazing.)
  4. And last, but most definitely not least, COVER yourself in sunscreen.  Wear it all day, everyday.  Buy makeup with SPF in it.  Then put more sunscreen on.  And … bonus, every day you’ll smell like the beach – what’s better than that (short of actually going to the beach)?

What are some of your perfectly smooth skin secrets?

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  1. sahra

    I feel like I don’t do enough for my skin…I currently use Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Stress Relief exfoliator once a day. that’s it. I sleep in my make up.
    and usually, this regimen works for me…and I’m too scared to try anything else :/

    great post, I’m contemplating stepping out of my comfort zone now!

    XO Sahra

  2. I try to use natural products where possible, though I do splurge out on Shiseido moisturiser for my face. And I am a scrub fiend too! I make my own with sugar, cocoa and oil – it smells like chocolate and is super cheap. Plus when I get the time for a bath (as opposed to a shower) I always pour a cup or so of milk in – your skin feels like butter when you get out 🙂 This is all sounding more kitcheny than bathroomy…

  3. Karen

    @Courtney: So true, sometimes it is more kitcheny than bathroomy. I use all sorts of food on my body, avacado for hair, honey for skin, stuff like that. My boyfriend initially got irritated at the “waste of food” until I told him that just because I don’t I don’t put it in mouth doesn’t mean it doesn’t nourish my body. Which is a good thing considering he is the grateful recipient of that body. I try not to use so many products though Ponds (courtesy of my mother) & St. Ives are among my unstealables. I also sleep in my make-up, I use bareMinerals, by the end of the day it usually gets washed off by a nighttime shower or my skin sucks a lot of it up. Really loves that stuff. I know it probably seems ridiculous but I’d never heard of that milk thing; I, too, rarely have time for “baths.” Can someone help me out, it feels like there are a million different sunscreens out there. My skin is about medium oily, and in between fair and olive. Are there different sunscreens for different occasions? Is there such a thing as “natural/organic” sunscreen?

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