Halls + Rooms of Flowers

I stumbled across these images on the Free People Blog (which by the way, always has gobs of funky and fabulous inspiration) and I couldn’t resist sharing.  I need to get out more, smell the grass, feel the sunshine.  Do you make time to to just be outside?  Are the great outdoors part of your daily routine or is walking to the mailbox the extent of your trek?  I’m the latter (only my husband gets the mail … i.e., no sunshine at all.)

As for the amazing story behind the images – In 2003, artist Anna Schuleit was commissioned to create a massive public art installation called Bloom at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center (MMHC) which was slated for demolition.  Nearly 28,000 potted flowers filled almost every square foot of the MMHC including corridors, stairwells, offices and even a swimming pool for the showcase.

Learn more about the incredible installation at This Is Colossal.

Images found on Free People via This Is Colossal



  1. molliee

    this is crazy cool!

    • Lexi

      I loved it the instant I saw it! I definitely need to fill a room with flowers!

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  3. Lena

    What an absolute dream–and I love the impetus for the project!

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