Friday Link Love

I’m in love with this perfectly simple photographic print of glitter ribbon strung around a wooden hanger.  If you haven’t played around on my Pinterest, then you wouldn’t know that I have a big thing for hanger art (clothes are just so gosh darn pretty on a hanger).  And now you know.

How cool is this painting-turned-interiors via Mimi + MegSuch cool inspiration.

These Gratitude + Orange Rolls, a.k.a. sweet orange buns, are on my “must try” list.  Getting to them this weekend?  Doubtful.

The happiest umbrella ever.

This neon woven cuff should be on my wrist.

With my business woman hat on, how to escape the comparison trap.

And lastly, I’ll be spending the weekend packing (scrambling) for our 10-day adventure!  Check out my Summer Travel Packing list.


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  1. I couldn’t agree more about the comparison issue. I was just saying to my husband last night, that comparison is the root to almost all unhappiness. Important to remember one’s own abilities and successes. 🙂


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