DIY Arrow Decor

I’ve wanted arrows since I met Katniss Everdeen on the pages of the addictive Hunger Games series (yep, addictive: as in, read it in a weekend, barely came up for air though did make time for gummy bears; ask me about it – I’ll convince you to read them all, twice.)

So now I want to fling arrows.  But between my inability to throw in a straight line (that is, if the object takes flight in the first place) and the clear danger (nerdy personal injury lawyer in me is shivering in my patent heels), I’m thinking this is not one of my better ideas.  Lucky for me, it’s pretty sweet to decorate with arrows instead.

There are a few gorgeous arrow options on Etsy.  Check out sweetshorn and  NativeShop for beautiful, handmade and colorful arrows.

But if you’ve got that can’t-shake-the-DIY-mindset (I feel your over-achieveing pain), a few oh-so-helpful step-by-step plans to a perfect arrow …

Design*Sponge offers up a gorgeous Valentine’s Day arrow DIY using paint, feathers, and hearts.

Danielle over at the Thompson Family has another great arrow decor DIY, using paint, feathers, and felt.



  1. Emily

    Oh my goodness I love these! Leave it to Katniss Everdeen to start a super girly trend 🙂

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