Zara Studded Flats + 90’s Jellies

Does anyone else remember jellies circa the late nineties?  They were these gummy rubbery plastic sandals that were the absolute worst to walk in – the gummy straps stuck to your feet and rubbed like crazy and the bottoms were terrifyingly slippery in the rain.  Also, I loved loved loved my jellies (regardless of the pain and danger factors.)  Thankfully, Zara took the look of the jelly and made them grown-up, modern, and wearable … then studded them.

Meet the sweetest studded flats I ever did see …


The Zara Studded Flat Jelly Sandal

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  1. bevy

    Yes, I remember jellies and resisted buying some for my daughter that I spied at Old Navy. I remember how they made my feet sweat and then I’d get dirt in them and then I’d have a sweaty/dirty mess on my feet! Yuck. But these from Zara are too cute! Yes, to them for sure!

    • Lexi

      I’m thinking these are made to look like jellies but aren’t actually that awful rubbery plastic! Upgrade!

  2. Katica

    I love these sandals!! Next stop Zara for a pair!! 😉

  3. Ivy

    Hello, just one question – do these fit true to size? I am considering ordering a pair online. What are they like comfort wise? Thanks much.

    • Lexi

      I wish I knew! Most Zara footwear does, though!

  4. I want those! Very stylish… And gosh I remember jellies! I had a love/hate relationship with them, too…

  5. Lyndsy

    love these! they are gorgeous!

  6. Patience

    Love these, just ordered mine from Zara and can’t wait to wear them!

  7. Tracy

    Love these too. Thanks for sharing I have been looking for some stylish flats for commuting in london! Hope Zara still has them. 🙂

  8. Reena

    is there a possiblity you can ship the sandals to India? just love the shoes

    • Lexi

      They’re actually from Zara, a few seasons ago. Sorry about that!

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