Wearing Lipstick + Hot Pink Lips

Only recently have I delved into the world of lipstick … and I am never coming back. I actually think I flipped sides just before my wedding. A close family friend, and also a Chanel make-up artist, took me wedding make-up shopping a few weeks before the big day. At the makeup counter, I immediately began eagerly flipping through bottles of sparkly gloss. She laughed and steered me towards the lipstick display. The black plastic boxes looked so uninspired and I immediately thought of my grandmother with her peach-hued lipsticks that she and she only could pull off.

But with a bit of coaching and all of the lush shades, I stuck my first toe into the ocean of lipsticks that is now swallowing my bank account. I.can’t.stop.buying.lipstick. Lipstick is velvety smooth, lasts far longer than gloss, creates that perfect pout, and looks far more high fashion than even the glossiest of gloss. I’m still not ready to go lipstick day-to-day, but for a nighttime look or big event (ahem, weddings, anyone?), lipstick is the way to go.

Which brings me to pink lips.  Pink lips are youthful, bold, and a great pop of color.  I’m also in love with bright pink lips on a date – so cheeky and adorable!  I keep buying shades of pink lipstick, and though I love them all, I still haven’t found that perfect fit.  Next on my list to try:  NARS Lipstick in Schiap

Have you found the one?

1. NARS Lipstick in Schiap // 2. Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Fuschia // 3. Maybelline Colorstay Lip Stain in Bitten Berry // 4. MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick

If pink’s not your color, check out this post on Red Wine-Stained Lips.  Vampish and gorgeous.

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  1. molliee

    pretty much obsessed with pink lips!!!

    • Lexi

      Totally agree! What brand/color do you wear?

  2. Ahh, welcome to the world of lipstick addiction! Lipstick has been my favorite cosmetic since I was little; my cousin handed down a candy-apple-red shade to my sister and I which we would take turns applying in secret just so we could see ourselves in the mirror. It’s an everyday thing for me, but there are colors I haven’t been able to master – and pink is actually one of them. Coral is another. Most of the time I go for bold reds or deep wine tones. I’d love to try pink for the spring, though. You may have inspired me!

  3. Lipstick is my go to for feeling glam. Dig this post girl! And your new layout is bomb!

  4. bevy

    I couldn’t agree more! I like the look of a bright pink with a tan complexion. I guess as soon as I get some color, I’m gonna try this look on myself.

  5. Beautiful! I need to get a new hot pink asap. So inspired by this post. Yay for Spring!!!

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