Red Valentino Fall 2012

The Red Valentino collection for Fall 2012 is incredibly dreamy.  The clothes, the styling, the sketched backdrops – all of it lends itself to the pages of a fairytale … a grown-up fairytale.  Wouldn’t it be nice to just draw yourself into the pages of a fairytale sometimes?  (Though with my drawing skills, the castles would probably be all lop-sided and droopy … still, I’ll settle.)  Also, I hope Valentino never ever stops using bows in their designs.

Check out the whole collection at

Images found via Honey Kennedy // Images courtesy of Red Valentino



  1. Each and every outfit is divine! I’m going to pin a few of these, they’re too beautiful not to share!

    • Lexi

      Aren’t they just lovely? Thanks for pinning!

  2. Sylvia

    The outfits are pretty nice but they look much better thanks to an awesome art direction. The illustration background is incredible!! Thanks fot sharing this

  3. ummm…can we just say perfection???!!! yes, that’s it. the end. gaw! if only i could afford a closet filled with valentino 😉 XO brynn

  4. helena

    a modern day alice in wonderland that mixes cheeky short skirts with playful dresses and bright cheeks! IN LOVE WITH THE IDEA AND THE CONCEPT. great post, you have outdone yourself. I think you should visit my blog… seriously, check out why and let me know if you have!


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