Desserts (and shopping) are my weakness. I know most people would choose meat and potatoes or some variation of the staples if stranded on an island (an island complete with your most favorite meal, of course); but I choose snacks every time. I’m a snack-aholic. I’m not even sure why I bother with dinner – it’s only the dessert I’m interested in. But then there’s the shopping – all of those gorgeous clothes and shoes, all mine for the trying on; and let me tell you, a few too many desserts in and the trying-on process becomes less and less fun. So, to satisfy my dessert addiction, and to keep checks on my waistline (how’s that for compromise?), I try to indulge in small ways.

In comes PHILADELPHIA INDULGENCE, these perfectly sweet gold containers that nearly sing on the shelf at my supermarket. PHILADELPHIA INDULGENCE products are actually Real Chocolate blended with rich, creamy PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese Spread. I’m a fan of sneaking protein into my snacks (hello, cream cheese), and the spread is surprisingly low in sugar and carbohydrates.

On Monday (because everyone knows Mondays are the worst), I was in desperate need of an indulgence, so to the market I went. I stocked up on two flavors of PHILADELPHIA INDULGENCE – milk chocolate and white chocolate (PHILADELPHIA also makes a dark chocolate flavor) – and all of the dipping essentials – strawberries, pretzels, and low-fat graham crackers.  I surprised the hubby with a sweet little spread and we had our own mini-chilled-fondue party, complete with mindless reality TV (a.k.a., a perfect night in.)

After about a handful of graham crackers and half the bowl of strawberries, hubby forewent the snacks and dug right into the container with a spoon. Though I chided him out loud, I totally wanted to do the same (i.e., did exactly that.) Both of us decided that the white chocolate spread would make a fantastic cupcake frosting, and tasted almost exactly like cheesecake. I leaned in favor of the milk chocolate version because everything’s better in chocolate.

Do tell – how do you unwind after a crummy day? What’s your favorite indulgence?

KRAFT PHILADELPHIA INDULGENCE! is Real Chocolate blended with rich, creamy PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Kraft via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Kraft.



    • Lexi

      Done and done! Good luck!

  1. Lyndsy

    this treat sounds so delightful! i love cream cheese and pretzels!

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