History, Fashion + Underwear

Long before I strutted in court rooms (i.e., squeaking in front of judges, gulping back nerves; in high heels), I was a bookish English major with a passion for fashion and literature.  In fact, I was so smitten with the two that I wrote a massive thesis on the history of the corset and its influence on feminism.  To this day, I love old books and undergarments, and these stunning 1920s pieces are no exception.


French Brassiere and Underpants, Met Museum, 1920s

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  1. molliee

    love old fashioned undies and bras like this!!! so pretty

  2. Can we be best friends? Haha- I think you are the most fascinating person ever! What an interesting topic and I love that you’re pursuing a novel. Awesome!

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