Hand-Painted Cakes + Creative Outlets

I’m featuring these jaw-dropping hand-painted cakes over on Glitter Weddings today, but the stunning creations, by the oh-so-talented, Maggie Austin, were too cool not to share here.  Each of the former ballerina’s designs looks like a watercolor work of art; almost too good to eat … almost.  Maggie even offers a two-day intensive flower workshop in D.C. (where I desperately need to be.)

Also, I’ve noticed that the more I blog, i.e., delve into this unbelievably creative world, the more cities I want to visit and re-visit, and the more creative classes I desperately want to take.  In the past week alone I’ve considered pottery, cake painting, wire-wrapping, and novel writing.

Does anyone else have this problem?  Do you take classes “just for fun”?  Do you have the time or do you make the time?

Images Via: Maggie Austin



  1. Dara

    make the time!

  2. Dara

    (oh, and these cakes are absolutely spectacular. LOVE the second one, shout out to Louis Comfort Tiffany)

  3. Love the second one! Its like a stunning stained glass window. Perfect 🙂

  4. Kristin

    Wow, are those gorgeous…LOVE the first one!

  5. These cakes are unbelievable!!! The last one is my fave. So pretty!

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