Friday Link Love

First up is a wallpaper-mâché deer head (and we all know how much I LOVE papier-mâché):  Handmade by artist Jennifer Khoshbin, the series is called Handmade Wilderness – The Paper Deer Head Project. She creates the deer heads herself – with Papier-mâché and decoupage on resin cast heads. She then covers them in wallpaper and calls them her ‘modern trophies’ — SO cool! {See them all on Etsy at Ruby’s Lounge // Story Via A Gifted Existence}

Funny, Erin, of Erin Ever After, and I have the same DIY to-do list running (well mine has another three-to-four-hundred projects on the list). {1. painted gold stripe vases // 2. adding pom pom trim to curtains // 3.hanging bulb sconce} (Images: Erin Ever After, Via: Jolene SullivanGrosgrain Fabulous, Bungalow 5)

These stenciled wood floors are incredible.  That is all.

And finally, since I seem to be on a home + design kick anyway, let me introduce you to Free Crappy Portraits.  You heard that right, send in your favorite picture, and the oh-so-errrr-talented artists over at, will turn your photo into a somewhat crappy masterpiece.  You’re welcome!


Don’t forget about The Limited $100 Giveaway!



  1. Pauli

    Vases! OMG I’m in love with them ♥ xoxo

  2. OMG that deer thing is too cute! So different.

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