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The Blogger’s Office

In case you missed my Guest Post for Let it Be Beautiful

I’ve always dreamed of having a perfect space to work in and out of and as of a few months ago, the hubby and I moved into our first house (rental, but still … a house!)  Until this major life move, we had existed in tiny apartments with tiny bathrooms and tiny closets and hardly enough room for a Costco shop, let alone an office.  But now the “office” is filled with crafts (trust me, a wonderful thing to be full of), but I buy crafts every time I get bit with an idea, so the piles are growing, and my sweet little desk, it’s nearly bare.  I do most of my work perched on my sofa, staring woefully at the office just across the way.  Clearly my little office/craft-room needs an upgrade and a bit of TLC!

Because I know everyone dreams of a glamorous office (I mean, who doesn’t pin gorgeous workspaces on Pinterest?), I thought I’d break down what’s in my dream office first …

1.  If I’m going to try out this whole fashion blogger thing with my very own fashion blogger office, I’d like to look the part!  I’d love a bold chair (preferably with grommets or animal print!), a bold floor rug, and a sleek desk big enough to accommodate all of my junk. #hoarder

2.  An inspiration wall.  I’m torn between a chalkboard wall and a corkboard wall, though I’d venture to guess the corkboard is easier for tacking idea after idea.

3.  Organization!  I dream in organization — in perfectly-placed shelves and ergonomic storage.  I’d store documents, ideas, and most importantly – my crafts!  Also, the Container Store is magical.

So there you have it!  Now it’s your turn.  Tell me, what is it you look for in a perfect place to work/get-inspired? Are you happy on the sofa?  Do you work best at a desk?  Are you a neat freak or a stuff-collector?

Image Board Created by Glitter & Pearls // Illustration by the ever-talented Caitlin Mcgauley // Office images: 1 // 2 // 3


Dress of the Week

Really, this post is all about the full ensemble, because this bride rocks it from head to toe.  I love her tufted and layered veil, the thick lines of fabric that fall to the floor from her dress, and of course, her Vera Wang Lavender bow pumps.

Via Style Me Pretty // Wedding Photography: Jessica Lorren Organic Photography // Wedding Venue: The Plymouth Congregational Church in Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida // Wedding Dress: Vera Wang “Diana” // Bride’s Shoes: Vera Wang Lavender bow pumps // Hair + Makeup: Gina Simone


Friday Link Love

1.  I’m currently obsessing over all things ceramic and these dainty geometric pastel bowls are no exception.  Anne Jørgensen ceramic bowls via retrovilla.

2.  My walls are painfully bare, and we’ve been moved in for at least 6 months now (a.k.a., no excuse.)  For starters, this “I Love You To The Moon” Print via Yellow Button Studio on Etsy.

3.  That fabulous soft clutch?  It’s the Miu Miu Oversized Nappa Clutch, and I want it bad!  {Image found here.}

4.  I love Easter.  Also, I’m Jewish.  But that doesn’t stop me from obsessing over pastels, decorating eggs, and pretending I have any idea what Easter is all about.  These doodle eggs by Alisa Burke will most definitely be on my I-don’t-actually-celebrate-Easter-but-do To Do List.


Organic Fabric Wrapped Bouquets

I was so taken after I saw that first image of perfectly wrapped bouquets set in mason jars, that I knew I had to find their source and all of the other florals created for the wedding.  Naturally, the flowers (and decor, of course) in Heather & Dana’s wedding, shot by Jill Thomas, were nothing short of perfect, organic, soft, and stunning.

Found via Tabitha Emma // Jill Thomas Photography


History, Fashion + Underwear

Long before I strutted in court rooms (i.e., squeaking in front of judges, gulping back nerves; in high heels), I was a bookish English major with a passion for fashion and literature.  In fact, I was so smitten with the two that I wrote a massive thesis on the history of the corset and its influence on feminism.  To this day, I love old books and undergarments, and these stunning 1920s pieces are no exception.


French Brassiere and Underpants, Met Museum, 1920s

Found here


A Perfectly Modern Wedsite

Random, I know, but so impressed by Grayden and Jenny’s wedding website, and I had to share.  The website is every bit modern, simple and user-friendly, and their headline photo looks right off of a movie poster – so cool.

Also, Grayden and Jenny’s engagement photos are nothing short of perfect – simple, clean, and filled with utter happiness.

View the full wedding website here.