Things I Love {Thursday}

I love the month of February.  First, I like to say February.  It’s true.  (And weird.)  My dad taught me how to spell by carefully sounding out the words; for instance: “beautiful” = “bee-ahhh-youuu-tee-ful.”  Thus, “February” = “Feb-roo-airy.”  It’s a good one.  Also, I’m a sucker for love and hearts and all things pink and red.  That one is obvious – it’s why I have a wedding blog (a.k.a., justification for being over-the-top girly.)

So without further ado – and an end to my nonsensical rambling – a bit of lovely Valentine’s Day inspiration + ideas:

1. DIY Message in a Bottle .  I’m always looking for cute ways to say ‘I love you.’  I can’t help but feel like store-bought are a tad cheesy (because, you know, filling a glass bottle with confetti, a rolled up note, and washi tape, is not cheesy at all.)

2. Ban.Do Heart … Because a Valentine’s post wouldn’t be complete without a sequined heart. {Although I am pretty sweet on these Spark-Light Bobbies as well!}

3. Heart-Shaped Marshmallows.  I love a good mallow. (Spotted on Ardor; Recipe for homemade marshmallows at the Smitten Kitchen.)

4. This dress, I love.  Spotted on Cubicle Refugee (Source: aurevoirshana, via emtc).  If anyone knows the designer, holler.



  1. Becks

    I say February, too! I thought I was the only one. For some odd reason, I also pronounce ketchup, catch-up …. perhaps paying homage to catsup? Who knows? But your V-Day tips are adorable! Def going to try the message in a bottle. 🙂

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