The Animal Sweater/Sweatshirt

I cannot believe I am even writing about this, but I have seen it enough to know it’s … errr … a trend (note: term used loosely in this context.)  Not just for hipster grandmas and kids in Kindergarten and the entire cast of Full House in the 90s, the knitted sweater, featuring a dominant animal face print, seems to be … what’s that word … oh, right – cool, again.  (For the record, was it ever?)

It seems, even the Mickey Mouse sweatshirt is chic again.

And, if I’m going to rock the latest “trend”, I’m going to wear the sweater that looks least like a loaner from Joey Tanner’s closet.

My picks:  Markus Lupfer Sequined Shark Sweater // Wildfox White Label Eagle Sweater // Markus Lupfer Nude Sequined Lip Sweater


Images: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5



  1. I think these can work brilliantly, depending on how they’re styled!! If I was going to try this trend, I’d probably pair the sweater with city shorts & a leather jacket, or maybe a sharply tailored pencil skirt! xoxo

  2. Hmmmm! not sure I could carry this off now 😉

  3. Never in life would I be able to pull this off, nor does anyone else,,,,

  4. I like the lip sweater. It’s not as bad as the dog…although I would like to try an animal sweater like Rachel Berry (Glee). The carousel horse and unicorn sweaters are kind of cute!

  5. Ruth

    My collection of college student friends do Wolf Shirt Wednesday. Buy a wolf shirt from a trucker stop or Wal Mart, the cheesier the better, and wear it all day, no matter where you’re going. I am told of Tiger Shirt Thursday, but it’s obviously a knockoff. 😀

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