Picnic Wedding Ideas

I’ve had a seeming infatuation with baskets since my early years, watching Yogi Bear fight so hard for that pic-a-nic basket.  (Watch cartoons, they’re good for you.)  So it’s no wonder, I could focus on only one thing when I saw this park wedding over at Forget Me Knot Weddings months ago.  Baskets!

Plus the picnic-themed party idea is just plain adorable.

The bride, Danni, from the duo, Danni + Nick of ohellofriend, explains the baskets:

‘We reversed our wedding schedule around and started with the reception first, because we wanted to get married at sunset. guests arrived and gathered to share a picnic basket lunch. There was no seating at the park, so we went all out with picnic blankets.’

I’m a huge fan of collecting something for the wedding – it adds a personal touch and the eclectic mix speaks volumes about a well-thought-out wedding. {More on that here.}

Plus, the picnic theme has the wheels in my head turning – what a cute menu you could come up with:

  • wax-paper wrapped sandwiches (turkey/avocado/brie, mozarella + tomato, etc.)
  • cups of potato salad, cole slaw, veggie salads
  • cupcakes, cookies, brownies
  • fresh fruit
  • homemade potato chips in kraft paper bags
  • lemonade, iced tea

Valentine’s Day picnic, anyone?

Images via: Forget Me Knot Weddings // Photographs by Christian Cruz



  1. Deanna

    Thank you for posting. I am planning a July wedding and want a picnic theme up on a horse farm in the country. You’ve given me some great ideas!
    Question though, how many guests were you able to accommodate and what did you do about “older” people who will have problems getting down onto the blanket?

    • glitter&pearls

      Hi Deanna! So glad to hear you like the post. I would probably try to have picnic tables or chairs for the older guests — sitting on the ground may prove tough for them.

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