Inpired By Sunset + Donuts

The title of this post summed up = I need a vacation.

Also, in attempting to name this color palette, I was thinking something lovely, like “salmon + blueberry” or “sunset + lavender”, but really, it’s pink + purple.  And I like it.

Those incredible-looking donuts sound just as amazing once you hear what they’re made of — they are actually homemade baked (feeling skinny already) chocolate donuts with blood orange glaze.  Make them.

And the sweet thank you notes – there’s a free download for those.

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  1. ashlyn

    LOVE LOVE LOVE all the colors Lexi! :]
    makes me want a vacation right along with you.


  2. Molliee

    the donuts sound delish and this color scheme is gorge

  3. A vacation sounds fabulous right about now! And I’d like to take the donuts with me too – they look amazing!

  4. Those donuts sound (and look) sooooo good! On NPR today, I heard something about all natural gluten-free baked donuts. Never knew there was such a thing. It might not be a good thing that I know they exist though.

    Have a good one!

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