Friday Link Love

Happy Friday everyone!  I’m torn – do you celebrate Valentine’s Day this weekend or next weekend?  Naturally, in asking this on Friday, I am in no way ready for the Holiday.  Impromptu V-day ideas for the hubby?  Anyone?


I’m so envious of all of the lovely ladies attending New York Fashion Week.  I must find the key to teleportation! (<- Is that a word?)  Check out this profile by Harper’s Bazaar of some of the NYFW essentials, as told by fashion bloggers attending the big events.  {Images via Teen Vogue on Instagram}

And if I was in fact going to NYFW, I would most definitely need these sunglasses.

And these.

And because I’m actually in Miami this weekend, and not at Milk Studios, I should probably be thinking practical weekend wear.  Chic practical weekend wear.

I love all of the sweet blouses at Urban Outfitters.  There is something so preppy and feminine about a gauzy sleeved top. {From left: Kimchi Blue V-Inset Blouse // COPE Striped Slit-Back Top // Pins and Needles Mesh-Inset Blouse}


Oh right – almost forgot – Valentine’s Day.  What about a brunch featuring this amazing buckwheat baby with salted caramel syrup?  Between that and a stack of bacon, my husband will love me forever (without the bacon, it’s a toss-up.  Kidding.  Kidding.)

Happy Weekend!



  1. cute stuff all around. =) This will actually be my first year celebrating Valentine’s with my husband! We just got married and it’s exciting to celebrate as a married couple. For some reason, it seems like there is a lot more pressure than when we were just dating. The “first” years are always stressful. =) But I guess that’s a bit ironic since it shouldn’t be stressful at all…

  2. Sarah Stright

    Ohhhhh those boots. Want, want, want. I’m also super jealous of anyone getting to go to NYFW. Someday….

  3. bevy

    killer boots!

    (i miss reading your blog. grrr, why do i have to work again? oh, right to be able to live.)

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