Asking For Help

I’ve never been good at asking for help. I’m not sure why; and when it came to my own wedding, I was particularly awkward about asking people for help. I always thought I’d be burdening people, asking too much, over-stepping the bounds of what I was sure I could handle myself (err, sort of.) Particularly, when you have the classic type-a (overachiever, all the way) personality, you convince yourself that you not only can do it all, but you want to do it all. (Trust me, as the months and weeks dwindled down, the ‘want’ sort of faded away and I was simply left with a bit of dread about all of the things I couldn’t possibly get done.)

For instance, I was terrified of putting too much on my bridesmaids because our wedding was already long distance, and I felt like asking for much beyond the mandatory bridesmaids dress and plane ticket was pushing it.  Looking back, I should have asked for help!

The people who can and want to help, will help.  And those that can’t, won’t.  The best advice I can give is to ask anyone you trust for help, but not to get let down when someone says no.  Helping with a wedding can put a lot of pressure on someone, and as the bride, wasting time worrying about both whether to ask for help, and why someone refuses, is pointless.

As for the day-of, have several designated people ushering guests along and keeping things moving on schedule. Even if you are the DIY queen, you don’t want to have to “do” anything on your wedding day, so feel free to ask for help — lots of it.

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  1. Sabin

    Asking for help can be difficult, but necessary sometimes. I guess it depends who you have to ask. If it is a close friend, he/she won’t mind helping you, no matter what you ask.

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