Cap Toe Ballet Flats

I have a soft spot for ballet flats – they’re both easy on the feet and I’d swear I was a ballerina (minus a few inches in height) when wearing them.  The cap toe just adds a punch of fashion — all the better.

And – a bit of history for you – cap toes began on men’s oxfords or brogues.  The cap-toed ballet flat is actually just a feminine nod to the classic men’s style.

1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10.




    • I’d LOVE a pair of the metal toed beauties, but these are more in my budget! 🙂

  1. I’m not the keenest on them, but still they’re so very comfy. Nice choices, xo!

  2. Iris

    I love ballet flats too. I wear heels all day every day during week so weekend, flats are my best friend.

    • Agreed! I wear heels for work, and I love rocking flats come the weekend!

  3. Anna

    I love #4! I think I need a pair 🙂

    • haha, I’ve already talked myself into several pairs!

  4. Vanessa@Luxuria

    Just found your gorgeous blog all the way from Spain, (I am originally from the UK).
    Some really wonderful posts; off to read some older posts x

    • I’m so excited to hear that! Let me know what you think! xx lexi

  5. Marshalls had some bomb flats like these on sale…swoonage

    • Oh no – now I’ll HAVE to go to Marshalls. Shopping is an addiction.

  6. Tierney

    Ughhhh so obsessed with all of these. Why are you feeding my shoe addiction?! I thought we were friends! xoxo haha

    Real talk: How do you make such awesome collages? Teach me your ways, sensei.


  7. Love the cap toe look but I’m worried that they’ll draw attention to my long, narrow feet. What do you think? Maybe a tone on tone pair like #10 would be less attention grabbing?

  8. Sara

    Check out payless. Their dexflex comfort flats are super comfy, cheap, and adorable. I don’t usually shop there..but I love their cap toe flats.

    • Lexi

      Oh love that suggestion – thank you!!

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