The Long + Short of It: Hair

My hair is an endless battle, and I suppose it’s like that for every woman. I have curly/wavy hair, which means I’m predisposed to desperately want straight hair.  My sister has the thickest, straightest hair – and she dreams in curls.  I call it the grass-is-always-greener effect.  I’ll go to great lengths to blow dry, iron, and chemically alter my hair to achieve “different” (in my case – stick straight), but one thing is for sure, I refuse to cut my hair.

I cut my hair twice (and when I say cut, I mean “more than a trim”) – once in my early teens, unaware of the power of the blow drier at this point, and once in late high school, because I had more guts back then.  Both times I donated the several inches of hair lost.  Today I argue with hairdressers to take no more than an inch, and even after the onslaught of scissors, and a scant pile of hair ends on the ground, I snivel all the way home. #DramaQueen

I’m never happy with a hair cut.  I always convince myself that it looked better before – with that extra brittle inch.  What’s wrong with me?

Are you crazy protective with your hair, or is it just me?

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  1. Heather

    I’d give anything for curly hair! When I was little I slept in sponge curlers nearly every week because I desperately wanted my cousin’s curly hair. The curling iron is my best friend and the straitening iron is her’s. Aren’t we girls so funny?

  2. I have stick straight year. So naturally one year I convinced my mom to give me an at home perm.
    It was the worst idea ever.

  3. Amanda

    I can totally relate, except I don’t have curly hair. But I am VERY protective of my hair. I only get it cut twice a year, and I’m always so nervous to get it cut (I don’t know why though because my hairdresser just an amazing job). I’m actually getting my haircut today!

  4. Rilli

    Thanks for stopping by! I’m a head full of curly as well and I’ve just recently started making peace with it. Part of the hassle with curly/wavy is that you always have to do SOMETHING with it… gel, mousse, diffuser. You name it. The straight ladies can just wake up and let it air dry… or use a blow dryer, without the strong arm of having to pull it straight. Not fair!

  5. Rachel

    I’m the exact same way! I actually taught myself how to cut my own hair because the hairdressers always cut way too much. It’s been working out wonderfully ever since!

    • Lexi

      Okay that’s brilliant – though I’m not sure I’d be the best at it!

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