Knee Socks + Boots

I am a tights kind of girl.  I wear tights in Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, and rarely feel an outfit is complete without them.  (Seriously, catch me in a bikini and tights – I have no shame.)  But knee-high socks (would also look slightly more appropriate with said bikini), this is something I could dive into – they afford knee coverage (Amen to that!) while looking bohemian and put-together all at the same time. Paired with the right knee-high boots, these knitted socks add just the right element of funky to any outfit.

What say you?  Will you rock the socks?

Get the Boots: Free People Ash Destroyer Boots

Get the Socks: Free People Classic Cable Tall Sock OR the Striped Socks: SmartWool Frilly Knee Highs

NOTE: If you’re still scratching your head about my obsession with tights, read up on my style – I Wear Too Much Clothing.

Images Via Knack // Eclectic Anthology // Pocket Stylist// // // // Allister Bee




  1. Chelsea

    Love this look. I am totally a tights girl too and now need to add socks. xo

  2. LOVE this trend and YES I wear them with boots

  3. Allison

    I have been OBSESSED with this look lately. Seriously, the show Hoarders might show up for a special “boot + sock” episode 🙂

  4. Heather

    Love this look. I’ll be rockin it all winter long!

  5. Natalie

    Totally cute and oh-so cozy!! Can’t be beat! Love your pics!! xx Nat

  6. Molliee

    I adore boots with socks!!!

  7. I actually asked for cute knee socks for Christmas!

  8. chalsie

    I’m a tights girl as well, but summer I struggle to wear tights, it just gets too hot. But I wear socks in summer, love a sock and brogue combo.

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