Wine Stained Lips

Totally vampish and perfect for Fall, I am swooning over the wine-stained lips turning up in magazine ads, trendy blogs, and on runways.  The only hitch, not sure I have the guts to wear such a deep berry red.

The wine-stained lip effect works in both a gloss or matte finish.

Or you can try Sugar “Plum” Lip Treatment (tinted chapstick that smells grrreat), if you miss your high-school goth days, but can’t commit to the deep-hued lip just yet.

Would you rock the wine-stained lip trend or this one better off on the girls from The Craft?

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  1. Molliee

    I have not done this before but I would rock the color if I could achieve a look like these ladies!

  2. haute wife

    loving the wine stained lip. just bought one from NARS! *e-kick in the air*

  3. Wow gorgeous!!
    Happy New Year!

  4. Anonymous

    Love this new lip color!! this will look great on Stylegodis Spikes, Cross & Claws Jewelry!!

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