Standing Push Ups

With a few months to go until my own big day, it occurred to me that my “diets” weren’t exactly foolproof (I seemed to be the problem). Truth is, I’m hungry. Therefore I have come up with the most novel concept EVER – exercise. Yes, I said it. I am caving. Sure, I walk on the trusty elliptical for 25 minutes a couple of days a week, but you know, I talk on the phone, flip through channels, get distracted by an ant making its way across my wall. So I decided to up the ante.

The following exercise will help you tone your triceps quickly and easily—I like to call this trouble spot “turkey arms”.

One of the all-time best scenes from the film, “The Sweetest Thing”:


And now for the standing push ups:

Every time you go to the restroom, during the day at the office for example, stand in front of a wall with your arms stretched out at eye level. Place your palms on the wall and bend at the elbows to do 20 standing push-ups. Push your body back from the wall harder each time, moving slowly and maintaining control.

Aim for 50 reps, and repeat throughout the day. You can do this exercise anywhere, even against your car in the parking lot.

You can increase the difficulty of this exercise by keeping your fingers off the wall, or by working on only one arm at a time.

Remember to stretch when you’re done. The best way to stretch your triceps is to lift one arm overhead and bend at the elbow so that your hand is behind your head. With the other arm, push down on the elbow until you feel a stretch in your bent arm. Hold the stretch for 20 seconds. Repeat with the other arm.


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