Spotted: Streetstyle

I love polka dots paired with winter wares – the sophisticated look of a spotted blouse worn with fur, dotted tights, spots in velvet, on blazers and sleeved dresses.

But of course, there’s an art to wearing bold patterns. The key to wearing polka dots is subtlety.  Because let’s face it, none of us actually want to look like Minnie Mouse.  Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, wearing a classic polka dot dress in the 1980s – much more inspirational … and doable.  The polka dot print is fun, vibrant, and when done right – playfully sophisticated.

Polka dots also have a whole lot of fashion history.  The spots first became popular in 19th century England, and have survived season after season, worldwide.  Polka dots are a timeless print and never really fall out of style.

The most important lesson in wearing polka dots, or any bold (a.k.a., loud) print for that matter, is to pick only one patterned piece of clothing or accessory and go for it!  A more modern trend is to pair clashing prints together – but you run the risk of looking slightly clownish and just a little bit crazy, if not completely fashionable.  But then, the most stylish of the bunch is the woman who throws caution to the wind and wears what she likes … paired with a touch of confidence, of course.

{Images via here and Pinterest}

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  1. soanthro

    I spy a pleated pink skirt that I LOVE…!

  2. molliee

    great advice!!! Love these shots!

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