Shoesday Madness: Valentino

There are shoes and then there are SHOES and then there’s artwork.  No need to wonder where I’ve classified these lace lovelies.  I’d need a museum to store these shoes … or simply one of those fabulous closet walls.  Also, I know I’m a few seasons late on this, but good shoes never die.

Milliner, Philip Treacy on the collaboration with Valentino:  “I am usually working on the head and then to move to the foot is a whole other dimension. You can’t have the same fragility, because models walk like racehorses and kick them together. And then something very delicate is in tatters — but actually, it looks quite good in tatters!”

Images via Pinterest + A White Carousel // Shoes via Valentino’s Spring/Summer 2010 Show during Paris Fashion Week



  1. Stefanie

    those shoes are out of this world. i’ve never seen anything like em

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