1. Natasha

    Those silver gold heels are so beautiful! Must have! I always love how sequinned things look but they’re usually so uncomfortable to wear!

    • Totally agree – can’t wear sequins without serious lining. But then there are always fabulous sequin shoes to be had!

    • Love the sequin blazer! (And so glad you love the post!)

  2. lily

    I am LOVING all the sequins..everywhere !!


  3. so in love with all the glitter out there right now!

  4. Hannah

    I just love sequins. This season Express is making an adorable pair of sequin leggings for under $100, and the lining looks fab:) XO I hope you have time to check out 4scarlet.com and follow me back if you feel compelled!

    real budget, real busy, real body fashion:

    • I love the IDEA of sequin leggings … not sure I’d look so great on them. :/

  5. Molliee

    love those pants! those must be amazeballs to see full length!

  6. Heather

    I can’t blame holiday spirit because I am ALWAYS a sucker for sparkle! Loved this post!

    • haha – also guilty … but the Holidays certainly are a good excuse!

  7. omg- I love this post. I’ve been obsessing about sequins this season too. The pic with the fingerless glove- to die for!

  8. I blame the holidays and pinterest for my sparkly obsession and for having “made” me buy that sequin Zara clutch!

    • lol Guilty. Bought the SAME clutch.

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  10. We could totally rock those studded gloves MINUS the motorcycle. Ew, helmet hair.

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