1. Chelsea

    Hoarder. I end up pretty much having a go-to that I have worn since the 9th grade, but I collect them for sure. xo

  2. I haven’t bought perfume in at least 10 years (I am only 34)…and those bottles are long gone now…
    Your collection is so pretty!

  3. soanthro

    Totally the same way. I don’t ever throw them away, or even finish them! Fortunately I’ve calmed down on buying too many more though haha

  4. I could probably use a few more perfumes – I just hold onto a handful at any given time. Actually, I just heard that DVF is going to at Sephora here in Dallas this afternoon to launch her new perfume – too bad I’ll be working! How fun would it be to see her in person?!

  5. Molliee

    love this idea! It makes for such a great display! I am usually so quick to throw everything away that is done, I may have to slow down and consider ideas like this!!


  6. Rowan

    You’re supposed to throw perfume away?

  7. Rowan

    When it smells more like alcohol, then perfume time to toss

  8. I’m the same way… I just keep buying and buying without finishing the old ones. But I like to keep my options open! 😉

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