I Made You A Mixtape

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Hand-holding was awkward, being dropped off at the movie theater for your date – more awkward, but when he made you a mix tape – that was love. Because I live a soundtracked life (more on that here), and because I am a product of the 80s, every Wednesday I’ll make you a mix tape. Who says chivalry is dead? You’re welcome.

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Today I thought I’d bring you a fun sampling of my Shazam finds.  What is Shazam, you ask?  It’s this crazy app on my iphone that allows the program to listen to a short clip of a song, and then it spits out the name, artist, album, etc.  I have become so obsessive about identifying songs, that I will silence people in restaurants, department stores, during movies, and of course – my own car.  (By the way, random but true, Marshalls plays great music!)  Back to Shazam – it’s basically a life saver when you have the song name on the tip of your tongue.  Also, please don’t make fun of my embarrassing shazam discoveries.

If I Ever Fall In Love, Shai

Conventional Wisdom, Built to Spill

To Be With You, Mr. Big

The Ice Is Getting Thinner, Death Cab for Cutie

Listen to your Heart, Roxette

Come Back to Bed, John Mayer

Be Be Your Love, Rachael Yamagata

Sparks, Coldplay

Sure Thing, Miguel

No More I Love Yous, Annie Lennix

Solsbury Hill, Peter Gabriel

Life’s Been Good, Joe Walsh



  1. Looooove that Mr Big song 🙂 reminds me of wearing oversized tees and leggings in the 90’s

  2. The Ice Is Getting Thinner was also on Gossip Girl for Chuck & Blair. You subconscious wants more Gossip Girl.

  3. Jane

    I love your mixtapes! I also do this with Shazam and I’m not ashamed of it haha

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