Hair Cuff

I’m loving the metallic hair cuffs popping up on high and low-slung ponytails everywhere!  My hair generally exists in two styles – long and straight or up in a ponytail.  The hair cuff gives me an excuse to rock the ponytail more often = win!

Plus, the neat hair slides are an easy DIY – a.k.a. my favorite kind. Simply head to your local home improvement center and pick out your favorite plumbing rings and pipes, choose your metal – the pipes usually come in gold and brass colors, then ask for a piece cut between one and three inches – depending on the size you’re looking for.  Voila – DIY hair cuff!

To wear the plumbing cuff, simply twist your ponytail in order to slide the ring up to the base of the head.  If you’re worried about keeping the ring put, use an everyday elastic beneath the ring so that the ring rests on the elastic, giving it better staying power.

And if the idea of hunting through the aisles of a home improvement store gives you the willies, check out this gorgeous honeycomb-printed hair cuff here and these more affordable options at Free People: the cutout ponytail cuff and the stingray ponytail cuff.

{Images via Tumblr, here, here, and here}

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  1. Valerie

    I love this! Sounds so easy to do. I’m either an all down or simply pony hair girl too, so I think the pop of metal is super cool!

    • So true – I love it – the lazy girl’s guide to glam!

  2. Molliee

    must have! love it!

  3. i’m also a little obsessed with this trend! love your diy suggestion.

  4. So cute!! I always want to jazz up my hair when I wear it up, but inevitably just wind up rocking a ponytail or bun… gotta try this!

  5. Allison

    Ooh, I need to get a hair cuff!

  6. Sarah

    Oh I love! But sadly, my hair is too thick to allow sliding the cuff on.

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  8. Love your DIY! I found you via Oh The Lovely Things and hope you don’t mind I linked to you in my post on hair cuffs today too

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