Foil Cupcake Wrapper DIY Ideas

Hey Look has a few fun (and oh so simple) DIY project ideas using colorful foil baking cups – from gift package toppers, to ruffled backdrops, even sweet colorful garlands – the team has thought of every fabulous use {aside from the delicious kind filled with cupcake and frosting, of course.}

For the backdrop {great for a photo booth wall as well}:  To construct this, you need baking cups (straightened out and cut in half), large paper sheets as the backdrop base and glue. Just stick the half round cups on layer by layer starting from the bottom row. In the end cut off the overlapping cups on both sides of the backdrop and you’re done.

For the garland:  Flatten the baking cups, fold them in half and attach them to some string with glue.

For the gift-wrapping:  Look for some golden gift wrapping paper, a few sequins, some washi tape, string and whatever other accessories and decorations you’ve got lying around. Then, get creative. ‘Add sparkly sequins to a ready wrapped gift and add a paper pin wheel or some candy cups in different sizes. Squish the centers of baking cups to make mini flowers, thread them onto some string using a large sewing needle and decorate the package with it. Make little prize ribbons with two half opened baking cups – one cut slightly smaller, attach a little round piece of paper to the middle and write a small message on it.’

// For a Wedding – The garlands (always a fan favorite) and foil backdrop would be great behind a colorful dessert bar! //


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  1. DIY Favors

    These pictures are beautiful, and the idea is so creative. Love the little hats! Ha!

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