Head Scarves

I’ve always believed that girls who wore head scarves just pulled off chic.  I’ve worn head scarves over dirty hair to much guffawing from the peanut gallery (a.k.a. stupid brothers) who tell me I look like the chiquita banana lady.  Hey, at least she’s famous.

Also, the vintage vibe is irresistable.  So I continue to try (mostly in vain.)

For an easy-as-could-be head scarf tutorial

And a twist on the headscarf …

head scarf tutorial DIY

And for a great turban how-to

{images a la Pinterest}

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  1. Molliee

    I really like the last tutorial where its a full turban! fab:)

  2. ray

    Forever 21 has a bunch of turban headpieces that are ready-to-go. You don’t have to worry about wrapping them or anything. Tons of prints and widths available online for under $5. I need to order some to experiment.

    • Oh wow – I will definitely have to check those out!

  3. RoseLaMer

    Love this! You’ve found some great tutorials. I’ve messed with scarves before but have never achieved the look I want. I am re-inspired! <3

    • SO glad – I totally re-inspired myself as well!

  4. Love! I keep meaning to buy a cheapy scarf to see if I can pull this off. Not sure I have the right head for it haha

  5. I love “head-scarves” here known as bandanas, although I don’t have many, I love using them, they’re great <3, girly, indie, stylish detail 😀 xoxo

  6. Amanda

    Gasp I love headwraps!

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  9. payje

    I love these! Headscarves are so cuties! Thanks for putting the ideas together.

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  11. adela

    yaya, it really nice and cool, i like it very much, i will try it some day, thanks for share the good idea and teach us how to get fashion and beautiful.

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  13. Kinzie


  14. Lindsey

    So obsessed with headscarves, but I am terrible and putting them on. I will be taking mad tutorial notes!


  15. I love this hairstyles ! Thank you so much for your tutorial 🙂
    Best regards xxx
    Princesse foulard

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