Grown-up Pouting

I’m having one of those days where I feel like my dress is tucked in my panties.  You know those days  when everything is going wrong, and it’s only inevitable that at some point in the day you’ll walk around for a good ten minutes with toilet paper stuck to your shoe.  Yeah, that’s today.  Pouting is healthy; of this I am (fairly) sure.

Also, I think I’ll start carrying a Polly Pocket in my purse.  The hours spent on my Iphone are making me twitchy and half blind.  I was much cooler in my Polly days.

And randomly, I’m envious of Rivers Cuomo’s daytime wear – striped pajamas are awfully appealing right now.

And with that … Rivers Cuomo of Weezer’s cover of ‘Brain Stew’ …


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  1. Amanda

    Have like 6 polly pockets if you want to borrow 🙂

    • I do! Mine are stuffed away in an attic somewhere!

  2. Amanda

    oh my god I totally had the exact same polly pocket! (along with 30 others). Such a great throw back. Hope you have a better day!!

    Color Me Blue

  3. Julip Made

    Red wine in addition to pouting is definitely healthy.. the positive heart benefits of resveratrol…

  4. Valerie

    You totally just made my day with the Polly Pocket photo! Makes me want to dig mine out of storage…!

  5. Dani

    1. “I’m having one of those days where I feel like my dress is tucked in my panties.” Best. Description. Ever.
    2. I have NO clue where my Polly Pockets are and now I feel like MY dress is tucked into my panties. 🙁 Haha.

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