The Cambridge Satchel

If you have followed New York Fashion Week, the neon (or “fluro) Cambridge Satchel will have worked it’s way up your wishlist, no doubt.  As if from out of nowhere, the British-designed non-discrete (save it’s very bright colors) satchel has taken the fashion world by storm.  Not a fashion week snapshot appears without the hint of a fashionable show-goer donning one of the sweet leather satchels.  The look is completely classic, but the updated neon colors, in a league all their own.  And I want one, or three.

And, fun fact:  the satchel is actually designed with the Harry Potter franchise in mind.

From the designer:

“I honestly thought my market would be schoolchildren,” says Deane, who started the company to pay her daughter’s school fees. “She was being bullied. I’m very logical, and worked out the top 10 jobs I could do that would allow me time to still be a mum and would enable me to have my dog with me.

“I was quite obsessed with satchels at the time, because I was reading Harry Potter to my children and I wanted to find them, because they are exactly what Harry and Hermione would have used at Hogwarts.”

The bags, currently available at Crewcuts and on Cambridge Satchel’s international website, don’t only look tres hipster chic, they’re also fairly affordable. With prices starting at about $150, I might be able to convince the hubby of the bag’s import in my closet.

Word to the wise: the bags tend to sell out quickly.

Also, the Cambridge Satchel Co. was feeling giving this week after the bag’s speedy success … So hope on over to Twitter and post away for a chance to win your very own:

Happy #NYFW! To celebrate we’re giving away a neon Cambridge Satchel. Follow @CamSatchelCo and RT to enter!

{images a la Guardian & Lucky Mag}



  1. Love it in yellow! Nice blog theme too!

  2. Thank you for the lovely blog…I’ve had my Cambridge satchel for over two years now and therefore feel very hip 😉 I’ve got it in the classic red.

  3. Molliee

    I love the neon ones!!!

  4. I really like the classic green. I have had my eye on it for a while. but that purple is excellent as well.

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