Style Fuse Diaries – Fall Transitions

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Today, I’ll babble on about transitioning your summer wardrobe into Fall with the perfect seasonal wardrobe staples and accessories:

The Fall transition is tough.  Not in some monumental way, though I’d be hard-pressed not to classify a fashion emergency as an actual emergency.  You spend Spring and Summer stuffing your closet with breezy lightweight pieces, you pull out old favorites from buckets and bins, and you relish in the florals and chiffons. Then, little by little (like you wouldn’t notice), the temperatures drop ever-so-slightly, and you’re standing in a mini skirt with eleven blocks to go until welcoming indoor temperatures, and your skin physically hurts.  Stupid Fall.  Ahem, ‘fashion emergency.’

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  1. Molliee

    im craving this vest!!!

  2. Fall transitions are soooo tough – it’s hot during the day, but freezing at night, so layering is key. Great set!

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