Gloss Walls

I’m on the fence about the latest glossed walls trend in home design.  Swanky restaurants and couture boutiques rock the glossy walls like none other, but in the home, I’d be nervous to douse my walls in liquid shine.  Also, survey says, hubby won’t be the biggest fan of shiny walls.  Then again, these pictures have me re-thinking the trend … and I do like shiny things …

{images a la pretty haute mess}

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  1. Heather

    I’m on the fence as well…it definitely has certain applications where it looks stunning but it would have to be applied by a very meticulous painter. I prefer the look of wide vertical stripes that are done with the same color paint except you use completely flat paint (no gloss) for one stripe and then alternate with gloss paint. It gives the illusion of two slightly different shades of paint even though it is the same color and makes the flat paint almost look like suede next to the gloss.

  2. I rent a duplex that when I moved in was painted entirely in a high gloss white. I decided to paint the walls in the bedroom and study each a color using gloss too (seemed to make sense) and I found that while I actually like the high gloss white and putty walls (in the bedroom), I pretty much hate the gloss paint in the green color I choose for the study. Granted green may not have been the best choice, but my general recommendation with gloss walls would be to keep them neutral to look grown up (as opposed to looking like a bad elementary school walls).

  3. Molliee

    hmm I am not sure if I could get into this… but those houses are all stunning nonetheless!

  4. Dina

    I actually painted one wall in my daughter’s nursery with high gloss (wide) pinstripes…and it is AMAZING!!! It has such a beautiful look without being a glossy-overload. It is actually very subtle and looks so elegant against the bright blue, playful walls 🙂 Worth a try if you like the gloss but don’t want the commitment.

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