Friday Link Love

Kate Spade, ever the masters of making women happy, has come out with a perfect line of lipsticks, and all are more perfect (and classic) than the next.  Thank goodness, this first batch only offers four colors, because I’ll likely “need” them all.

I love the simplicity and the use of embroidery floss (one of my favorite crafty supplies … I blame summer camp and the second half of the nineties) of this DIY hair comb.  So chic!

Why yes, Club Monaco, we can be friends! {See the Lookbook created in collaboration with Dazed & Confused magazine here or shop the Club Monaco collection at}

I’ve always loved lip balm (fancy for chapstick), thus my excitement over the release of Maybelline’s new Baby Lips Repairing Lip Balm collection.  Set to release in early October, Maybelline’s new lip balms are tinted and a mere $3.99.  I have my sights set on Cherry Me, Peach Kiss, and Pink Punch.

And for my sister – a truly fabulous hairstyle we.must.try. (and probably half-fail at.)

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  1. Valerie

    Lovely! I may have to try the feisty and flirty girl lipstick,but being a lip balm/chapstick snob, I definitely need to try those new ones asap!

  2. lily

    Kate Spade and lipstick=perfection ! Those are beyond gorgeous in their gold tubes. And I cant wait to see the cute maybelline’s !!


  3. Molliee

    oooh love the hairstyle on the last pic! I must try too! Happy Friday!

  4. kimmiepooh

    I want ALL of Kate Spade’s Lipsticks. I’ve gotten into wearing a bold lip the last few weeks and those look perfect!

  5. Rowan

    LOVE THE HAIRSTYLE. We must try it! Tonight I am wearing a bandana, how I Love Lucy of me. I want the lip stuff…

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