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It’s been a good week.  Thursday I celebrated an undisclosed birthday, and true to my imaginary Mexican roots, my fabulous mom made an ah-mazing Mexican dinner, complete with mashed potatoes (no relation there … other than my love of potatoes.  Healthy, I know.)

The Mexican infatuation is borderline obsessive, and thus, our much anticipated house warming party (the party that has still yet to be planned), will feature a … drumroll … Mexican theme.  So far, I have chili pepper dishes, a pin the tail on the donkey game, and mustaches.  Feel free to offer suggestions … I hit a wall at the realization that Sombreros don’t come cheap.  Oh right – Opening Ceremony featured Venessa Arizaga‘s threaded pieces dangling with hand-painted skulls, dyed stone crosses, Guadalupe virgins and other Mexican cultural symbols, and piñata, Pamela Love‘s rings and necklaces, plated in oxidized bronze and silver, shaped in a papel picado motif – both evoke the spirit of Mexico’s Día de los Muertos celebrations.  “Welcome to our new home, we’re delighted you could come, happy day of the dead.”  Okay, not a perfect theme – but at least the jewelry will be fierce!

Because I fancy myself a regular badass chick, Honestly WTF and their easy DIY spike comb design really speaks to me.

Chelsea has the world’s best hair and gives us a peak inside her bevy of fabulous and inexpensive hair products, tips, and tricks!  Also, I love this picture.

So taken with Joanna’s two year wedding anniversary gift to her husband.  This perfect little picture book is clean, modern, and extra parts sentimental.

And on that note, I miss Paris every day.  Our Honeymoon feels like ages ago, and I’m ready for another one.  Must research inexpensive vacations ASAP.

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  1. My SUPER talented friend Kelsey Foster shot the photography for the Pinhole Press website! 🙂 I’m not typically a big fan of photo cards and such, but the ones on the site are so well designed that I’m actually thinking of making calendars for my Mom and Grandma for Christmas this year. You should check out Kelsey’s blog… she’s seriously fabulous!

    (Oh, and I love Dia de los Muertos skeletons, too!)

  2. I love me some mexican as well! The colors, the textures, the culture – the FOOD! I love it all! Plus, I also love a theme party so your soon-to-be-planned soiree sounds fabulous. And that spiked headpiece – MUST make that my next DIY!


  3. Molliee

    I love the book from Joanna’s wedding! prefect little gift;)

  4. I absolutely love that spike comb! Such an easy and cool DIY project too.

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