Easy Vegetable Soup

We’ve all been there – it’s the end of the week, you’ve splurged two, three or seven times since Monday, you know it’s time to start eating better, and alas, your refrigerator is mostly empty … and you’re starving.

I’m a huge soup fan, and as surprising as this may sound … making soup is relatively easy, and extremely low calorie.

I make vegetable soup when my refrigerator is running terrifyingly on empty.

So here goes nothing …


  • small onion
  • garlic cloves
  • fresh veggies (all I had was carrots … I also love green beans and mushrooms)
  • canned beans
  • canned stewed tomatoes
  • canned tomato paste or sauce
  • canned corn
  • frozen veggies (I had frozen broccoli and peas … yippee!)
  • chicken broth or chicken stock cubes


  • saute diced onions and garlic in a little olive oil until clear-ish/brown (or Pam for non-fat soup … though a little olive oil never hurt anyone, IMHO)
  • throw in any raw veggies (again, all I had was carrots)
  • stir in canned stewed tomatoes
  • add water/chicken stock cubes or chicken broth (I used the tomato can and poured roughly 4 cans of water with 2 chicken stock cubes)
  • throw in canned beans and all veggies
  • let simmer for a good 30 minutes or more

My husband, who swears he hates tomatoes finished two bowls of this soup.

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  1. Delicious recipe! I am on a real soup kick currently…this’ll go down nicely with a glass of read and some freshly baked rolls…

  2. Stephanie

    Yum! So excited that fall weather is here for cozy soup dinners!

  3. Just wondering why the chicken stock? Try no-chicken stock or veggie to make this that much healthier!

  4. Oh I love it! It looks do delicious! Soups great for a quick meal and I love that you can make vats of it and freeze for those nights when you just cant be arsed haha

  5. I always clean out my fridge with soups! It’s easy and healthy!

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