Daily System

My walls have been undecidedly blank for too long; the excuse that we just moved in wore off by our second month in the new house.  MY plan is to decorate with practicality in mind.  I’m a bit of a whirlwind of chaos, though I’m always punctual (not sure how that works out every time, but I manage!)

Anyhoo, our kitchen is our main base.  I’m drawn to any place with coffee and tupperware filled with snacks.  Perhaps if the daily reminders were in the kitchen, I’d have a better shot at remembering to do the 76 things I’d set out to do that day.  And thus my obsession with the Daily System.

Alisa from 365 Days of Olivia {via Knock Off Decor} created a command center to help keep herself organized and scheduled.  She threw in a few special vintage pieces to complete the look and pulled off a super chic design wall.  {LEFT}  Her original inspiration came from one of the set designs for the Daily System from Pottery Barn.  {RIGHT}

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  1. I want my sewing room to look this organized! I absolutely love this inspiration. Thanks!

  2. Molliee

    great ideas! I need something chic and cute like this to keep me organized!

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