Starfish Cuff

{1. Anthropologie; 2. Bimba & Lola; 3. Alkemie Jewelry; 4. Lucky Brand; 5. Alkemie Jewelry; See Also: Kenneth Jay Lane Starfish Cuff + Cocotay Starfish Cuff + BaubleBar Starfish Earrings}

This one time, while watching a super high-brow film, Aquamarine, I discovered that mermaids wear starfish earrings and all throughout the day the starfish would whisper to the wearer how beautiful she is.  Clearly I need starfish earrings ASAP.  (Aquamarine: ‘Starfish may be huge suck ups. But they never lie.’)  Also, I may need a tail.  But no matter.  For now, I’ll satiate my fairytale longings with a starfish cuff (because my ears aren’t pierced, and I’m too chicken to go there in my late twenties.)

{images a la pinterest}

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  1. Stephanie

    Those are so lovely! I love it stacked up high on the arm.

  2. ajkhf kajshf kaj I’ve loved this since I saw it on Gossip Girl but didn’t know there were so many options! TOTALLY need to go buy one! and it’d look great with my seashell belt that’s in my latest post 😉

    XO Sahra

    • I’m soooo into the beachy vibe this summer! A gold starfish cuff is at the top of my summer wishlist!

  3. soanthro

    Ooh my, I want every single one of these. There’s a street fair in my town this weekend with lots of jewelry vendors, usually many with nautical pieces, so hopefully they’ve picked up on this trend and will have some to offer me!

    • I wish there were better street fairs by me! Take lots of pictures!

  4. Love the cuffs, but girl, get yo ears pierced. All the mermaids are doing it…

  5. colleen

    i love starfish cuffs so much. so pretty!

  6. Ohhh my gosh!! These are ALL so beautiful!! I want (need) one asap!! Birthday present 🙂 I might just forward this to my husband 🙂

  7. noelani

    The starfish is so New England prep, but I love these edgier versions MUCH more!!! You always find the most fabulous pieces. And did I see you were in Boston recently on twitter? Business or pleasure?

    • Vacation – my family has a house in Maine! Much needed R&R. 🙂

  8. I love them all! Your ears aren’t pierced? I think you should go get them done…it’s not bad at all!

  9. Hahah love your humor and the starfish cuff. I like how it can be edgy, preppy, girly, etc… As for whispering animals, I’m more of a Sleeping Beauty type of girl and prefer chirping birds and woodland creatures. Glad to have found your blog and can’t wait to read more!

  10. Meg

    that starfish cuff is amazing amazing! totally loving it so classy but so different

  11. Bug

    i love these starfish cuffs, i saw them on someone else’s blog recently
    in my late 20’s i’m just now getting into wrist adornments, starting with watches and moving on to cuffs, i just have really small wrists so everything feels so weird . you should have a few drinks and get your ears pierced, clip on earrings hurt worse than regular earrings and when you have your hair up, long earrings can frame a face and make it appear narrower than it is (great for my round asian face)

  12. keep meaning to tell you – baublebar is getting these in! they’ll be on the site in the next week and sell for $34! woohoo!

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  14. You know now I see the image of Blake Lively I do remember seeing this scene and loving the cuff! The Anthropologie one is my favourite but soo expensive so thank you for the alternatives!

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